Domestic Violence

Does your partner behave in a way that is degrading to you? Do you feel afraid of your partner? Does your partner force you to have sex or sexual practices that you are not comfortable with? Did your partner physically injured you? Is your partner violent to your children? Does your partner prevent you from seeing friends, is he checking where you are and who you are with? Has your partner threatened you with violence or murder?

Does this sound familiar? Is something similar happening to you at home?

Domestic violence is a long-term and repeated violent behavior or the threat of such behavior endangering life, health, freedom or human dignity. Domestic violence occurs between people in a family or a similar relationship, who share a common household. Domestic violence is a situation in which one person uses his/her superiority (physical, psychological, economical) over the other person.

Domestic violence can take various forms. It is possible that you only experience certain types of violence (such as psychological - extortions, threats, manipulation, control), but not others. There may also be periods when your partner does not use violence, followed by a period of tension and abuse.

If you experience anything similar in your relationship or if you know somebody who is experiencing this, do not be afraid to contact us:


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