Safety Plan

What is a safety plan? If you are in abusive relationship you should think of a plan to protect yourself from the violence of your partner. A safety plan is a procedure you hold for the event of an attack and it increases your safety.

The basic rules include:


Have a mobile phone or a diary with the important phone numbers of the people who you can contact in the case of danger and ask for help.

Have a security package (documents, money, mobile phone, credit card, keys, a few pieces of clothing) that is stored in a safe place (with friends, in the car, where the abuser cannot find it).

Have an agreed emergency plan with a friend, family, etc., where to run in the event of an immediate threat.

Teach your children when and how to call 911.

Have a "safe" room in the apartment where you can lock yourself or from where you can escape in the case of an immediate emergency.

Have an agreed signal with neighbors (for example, if you turn the lights on and off) for calling the Police of the Czech Republic.

As important as safety planning is for a person that remains in the violent relationship, safety planning is also important when planning a departure from the violent partner.


You should choose the right time to escape (when the abuser is at work, etc.)

You should arrange to stay with a person who you trust and who does not know the abuser, and hide your bag with that person (a so-called security package).