Sexual Violence

Have you been raped (were you forced into sex by use of violence or under the threat of violence)? Did a friend, family member or even an unknown person tried to force you to have sex with them? Were you forced to other sexual practices (oral sex, anal sex, unwanted sexual touching, watching somebody masturbate)? Were you forced to allow a third person to join in your sex life? Were you forced to take off your clothes, to masturbate? All this refers to sexual violence.

Remember: RAPE AND OTHER SEXUAL VIOLENCE IS NOT YOUR FAULT! You are the victim, not an offender.

Sexual violence is any sexual act or attempt of such act, made against the will of the other person (without the consent). The range of forms of sexual violence is broad, ranging from rape (vaginal, oral, anal) to a "mere" conversation or suggestion with a sexual subtext.


If you become a victim of rape, then:

Contact the person you trust: you don´t have to be alone with your feelings and emotions. Ask the person you feel safe with for a support. Talk with them about what you are experiencing, or ask them to accompany you for a doctor's examination and / or a police interview.

Find a safe place: Try to spend time with friends or family. You can also use the option of sleeping in a crisis center where a psychologist is present.

Provide proof of the assault: If your attack resulted in injuries or damaged clothing, ask a trusted person to take pictures of your injury and / or clothing. Store the clothes in a plastic bag and seal it tightly. If you decide to report the attack to the police, bring your clothes to the police as evidence.

Seek medical help: Do not be afraid to visit an emergency room or your gynecologist in the shortest possible time after the attack. Tell them you have been sexually attacked; ask for a treatment and for a medical report.


Rape is one of the crimes that require a particularly sensitive victim treatment. There are legal rights that you have as a particularly vulnerable victim, for example:

  • to request that you do not come into contact with the offender during the criminal proceedings;
  • to choose the gender of the person that will be interrogating you;
  • your interrogation to be conducted in a way that you do not have to repeat your statement later;

For more information about your rights and the possibilities of using it, contact us. Get professional help and do not be alone in this difficult situation.


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Info-line for victims of sexual violence: 777 012 555

Social worker is available on the phone number on Tuesdays from 5 pm to 7 pm and Thursdays from 7 pm to 9 pm. Outside this time, a phone message alerts the caller that they are calling outside the social workers working hours.


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